1911 Cookbook Might Be One Of The First Family Cookbooks

1911 Cookbook Might Be One Of The First Family Cookbooks

Family Cookbooks have been around for  long time. Sometimes they are the work of an individual compiling their recipes, other times they are the join effort of a community.

Recently, a cookbook called ‘250 Tried Recipes for Everyday Use’ features numerous recipes supplied by housewives around the UK back in 1911, and was discovered in a kitchen of a property that had been left unused since the 1950s in the United Kingdom.

The fascinating publication provides an insight into the basic ingredients and cooking methods used at the time and all instructions are boiled down to one paragraph.

It also includes a cheeky recipe on how best to ‘cook a husband’ as too many ‘are utterly spoiled by mismanagement’. Comical descriptions include ‘keeping them in hot water’, ‘roasting them’ or keeping them ‘in a stew with irritating ways and words.’ The housewife also suggests ‘add a little sugar in the form of what confectioners call kisses’ and that ‘a little spice improves them’.

Read an article on the cookbook that appeared on the UK’s Daily Mail’s website, including additional recipes and pages from the historic cookbook.