Preserving Cherished Food Memories with a Family Cookbook

Preserving Cherished Food Memories with a Family Cookbook

Back when I was in my youth, I loved my Gram Helen’s cooking. She made thing that my mother did not. However, when she passed in 1993, most of her recipes went with her. I can still remember her meatloaf with a can of Cream of Mushroom soup on it, but for the life of me it never comes out the way I remember when she made it.

So a decade later, my family and I were sitting around a table and decided to create a family cookbooks so all of the recipes we loved would be available to every member of the family today and more importantly, preserved for future generations. Since my family was all over the country, I had my high school friend help me create a website that became the great Family Cookbook Project. makes it easy to create a printed personal cookbook filled with your own recipes. Our program has helped thousands of individuals organize recipes, provide professionally designed covers and recipe layouts and automatically creates a table of contents and index of recipes for beautiful printed cookbooks. We make it easy and fun to create your own cookbook.

My mom with our family cookbook she created.

Family Cookbooks help preserve family memories and food traditions for future generations. There is nothing like seeing a handwritten recipe from a family member that you remember or even never met, but who’s recipe is still used today.

Here are some tips from Family Cookbook Project:

  • Often collection of recipes in the form of a recipe box, magazine and newspaper clippings, or cookbooks with pages marked is a great place to start creating your cookbook.
  • For those recipes that you never wrote down because you made them so many times you knew it by memory, make it again and this time write it down step by step as you make it.
  • Measure the ingredients! Even if you use a “handful” of something, take a handful and put it into a measuring cup and write it down before throwing it into the pot.
  • Remember to write personal notes about why this recipe was important, who gave it to you or any special memories of meals that it was served. My mothers Chicken Supreme will always remind me of her serving at the rehearsal dinner for my wedding.
  • Including lots of photos is also a great way to make your special cookbook and help preserve the special memories.

Remember, behind every recipe you love is a story you want to share.


Bill Rice is founder and Co-Publisher of the Great Family Cookbook Project, a website that helps families and individuals collect and share food memories through customized printed cookbooks filled with treasured recipes. Follow us on Facebook and Pinterest!