How does Family Cookbook Project Rate with you?

How does Family Cookbook Project Rate with you?

In today’s online world, independent ratings are how people judge the quality of a product or customer service before investing their hard earned funds to buy something and Family Cookbook Project is no different.

We are always looking to grow our program to help individuals preserve family recipes for future generations. We get a lot of new customers from our existing Cookbook editors sharing their experience with family and friends and them signing up themselves.

So one way you can help us is to tell your friends how they can take advantage of creating a personal cookbook on

Another way to help is to leave a review on TrustPilot to help new customers see how our existing customers like our customer service.  TrustPilot is an independent service that rates companies.

If you have a moment, would you mind rating us at  It’s always helpful to hear good things from actual people using our site.