How Family Cookbook Project Stacks Up

A while back Family Cookbook Project did an informal survey of other cookbook publisher to see how our online cookbook software compared to the competition. We were very pleased at what we found:

Recipe Collection

Email blast to invite recipe contributors Yes No
Email reminders to some or all contributors to keep motivated Yes No
A growing message library that you can use to keep contributors motivated Yes No
Online storage of recipes Yes No
Send email of individual recipes easily Yes No
Show how many times a recipe has been viewed online Yes No
Track which contributors have logged in and how many recipes they have entered Yes No
Track and list recipes by contributor Yes No
Offers a unique URL for contributors to reach your website Yes No
Offers an online forum for sharing cookbook ideas and questions Yes No
Allow contributors to edit their own recipes Yes No
Lock recipe input for final editing Yes No
Monthly newsletter with editor tips and helpful ideas Yes No
Online audio help to make entering recipes easy Yes No

Cookbook Design

Offers pre designed color covers and dividers Yes Yes
Lets you design your own custom covers and dividers at no cost Yes Some
Offers unlimited sections and dividers Yes No
Offers unlimited free black & white photos in cookbook Yes No
Offers several recipe layouts to choose from Yes Yes
Offers Non-continued recipes FREE Yes No
Offers Graphics clipart and Quotation filler FREE Yes No
Lets you see cookbook proof for each recipe layout if you wish Yes No
Online audio help to make designing and editing your cookbook easy Yes No

Cookbook Printing

Low minimum print orders – just 5 copies Yes No
Offers online tool to determine how many copies your contributors will want Yes No
Fast printing turnaround using 100% digital high speed printers Yes Some
Online audio help to make printing your cookbook easy Yes No


We are so confident that you will find Family Cookbook Project print prices so affordable that we offer you the ability to download a high resolution PDF file of your completed cookbook and take it to another printer if you wish.

If you are interested in selling your family cookbook or creating a fundraising cookbook, Family Cookbook Project also helps you sell your cookbook at a profit.

Cookbook Promotion

Online profit calculator Yes Some
Sample promotion information Yes Some
Offers ISBN numbers and bar codes Yes No
Gets your cookbook listed on Yes No
Gets your cookbook offered on eBay Yes No


Bill Rice  is Co-Publisher of the Great Family Cookbook Project, a website that helps families and individuals collect and share food memories. Create your own customized cookbook today. Follow us on Facebook and Pinterest!

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