New Covers Added to Family Cookbook Project

New Covers Added to Family Cookbook Project continually evolves to help our editors create the best custom cookbooks  they can. One of the most important aspects of cookbook design is the cookbook cover. We have just released a series of new cookbook covers and dividers so they are now available to our editors. Here is a quick peek:


Fruit Face
Plate of Bible
People Cross
Open Book
Kids Knife Fork and Spoon
Kids Cookie Dough
Community Hands 2
School Daze
Wild Flowers
Community Blue
Doves of Peace
Garden Harvest 2
Plate of Bible
Cross of Red
Religious Parchment
Sunday School
Three Crosses 1
Fundraising Goal













Bill Rice is Founder and Co-Publisher of the Family Cookbook Project, a website that helps families and individuals collect, preserve and share food memories by creating their own printed personal cookbooks. He is the author of The Wellfleet Oyster Cookbook and the Cape Cod Cocktail Cookbook (Available on Amazon), both created using He is also editor of the Donovan Family Cookbook, now it’s third printing and is an avid genealogist tracing his family back to the 1600’s.