What Our Editors Are Saying About Family Cookbook Project

What Our Editors Are Saying About Family Cookbook Project

We regularly receive accolades and comments from customers about Family Cookbook Project that we wanted to share.

We’ve also included some of the wonderful photos our editors have submitted with photos of them and their cookbooks. The photos do not necessarily go with the quote they appear with.

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What Our Family Cookbook Editors Tell Us

Mamie Berry and her daughter Leah with her family cookbook

Just submitted the print order!! Thank you all so much for your help and support as I worked through this process. You were always so kind with your responses. Thank you also for providing this concept. This allowed me to collect and organized so many scraps of paper to share with others. Many thanks!
— Belinda Ott, Our Family Cookbook

The website was wonderful and I would both recommend it and use it again. Thank you
— Cindy Lake, The Henthorne Family Cookbook

Your website was easy to use and the couple times I needed help you were very quick to respond with easy to follow instructions.  I am not very tech savvy but  found it easy and doable. When the cookbooks arrived this week we couldn’t have been happier with the quality!!  Some of the pictures we included were “vintage” and the clarity and colors way exceeded our expectations!  My mother plans to gift her cookbooks and we hope it will spark memories for those special people who will receive one!!
— Nancy Hines, Jackie’s Cookbook

My daughter cried when I gave her the cookbook on Christmas Day. I was so pleased with the finished product and I know she will cherish it for years to come.  Thank you Family Cookbook! This was truly a labor of love.
— Mamie Berry, Recipes for Leah

I have used & loved your app for years! I especially liked the accessibility with my iPhone. Thank you for your awesome product!!
— Lisa Mays, Favorite Recipes from the The Kyler/Mays Family<.em>

I am really enjoying making this cookbook.  It is a very well-laid-out and easy-to-use software.
— Betty Fricke, Betty Fricke Extended Family Favorites

I gifted the cookbook to my daughter and two daughters-in-law and they were absolutely thrilled! The quality and professionalism of it amazed us all!  My daughter said, “It is one of the most wonderful gifts I have ever received!” The idea to place the history behind the recipe is truly one of preserving our family heritage. Thank you for working with me to accomplish this most treasured gift.  I plan to order more in the future.
Mary Artese, The Fondest Memories Are Made When We Gather Around the Table Family Cookbook

I can’t even tell you how excited I was to get my box of cookbooks!!! Last January I started looking online for a program to produce a cookbook from my recipes. I wanted them for Christmas for my daughters and daughter-in-laws. I anticipated taking all year typing them up. When I found this program using photographs of the recipe cards I was thrilled! Absolutely brilliant and the process was so slick! I wanted to keep it a secret but worried I would have to ask for help as I’m not that computer savvy, but I did the whole thing myself! It was very simple and definitely earns five stars from me! The finished book is beautiful. My family is beyond thrilled and I look forward to gifting these to my grandchildren as well. Thank you for your program that took me way beyond my expectations.
— Cindy Jensen, Grandma Cindy’s Cookbook

Cindy Jensen and grandchildren with Grandma Cindy’s Cookbook

We love our family cookbook…it was a fun process and the system was great!

Everyone loves it!
–Debra Zeigler,  Zeigler Family Cookbook

Love the cookbook.  It was so easy to add recipes and do everything else to have it published.
–Rena Boekenoogen, The Boekenoogen Family Cookbook Project

When I received my cookbook on my front step, I felt like it was Christmas!  Thank you so much for the beautiful cookbook and your website that helped make it possible to print my Gluten Free Christmas Cookbook.  I wrote it for my children, so they would have the tastes of home as they grow up and move out on their own.  Yet, I truly hope it helps many celiac families enjoy traditions when gluten can no longer be part of them! Thanks again for the user friendly website and the BEAUTIFUL printing quality.
–Teresa A, Gluten Free Christmas Cookbook by KOB

Debra Zeigler with her “Zeigler Family Cookbook”
I received my cookbooks and am totally in awe. Thank you so much for the beautiful job you have done creating the book but also providing the tools to enable me to create the cookbook for my family. I am so happy with the cookbook. I just can’t thank you enough!

–Danielle M Vincent, Delicious Memories

I love how my family cookbook project turned out. Holding recipes from my Mom, grandmothers and even my grandpa it is the perfect keepsake. I made copies for my brothers and children as well.  Thank you so much for providing this easy to do app.
–Kathleen Bellaire, From the Kitchen of Joyce Burmeister

All of the aunts, grandmas, and both moms of the bride and groom submitted recipes for this cookbook. Now they can make their favorites…just like mom and grandma does!
–Laurie Gelschus, Anderson/ Medvec Family Recipes (a Bridal Shower Cookbook)

I have attached a picture of our mother, Wanda Nicholson, with her cookbook. We presented it at her 90th birthday. It was absolutely her favorite gift of a lifetime. She is having so much fun signing the books and sending them to people.  Thank you for the patience and amazing platform to create this family legacy for her.
— Rebecca Masinter, Wanda’s Kitchen

This software was very easy (and intuitive) to use!  Anyone with basic computer and word processing skills can turn out a beautiful cookbook. It was fun to work on this project and my family got excited about the end result. The final product is gorgeous!  The few questions I had were answered immediately and completely. I am so glad I found The Family Cookbook!!
Kathleen McInnis-Dittrich, The McInnis Clan Cookbook

Your program is wonderful. Extremely user friendly. I would recommend it to any person or group that’s considering make a cookbook. I made it as a remembrance for my family when I am long gone!
— Pam Campbell, Family & Friends Cookbook

Wanda Nicholson and her cookbook Wanda’s Kitchen

I wanted to let you know I received my cookbooks today and they are awesome….I love the way it came out and could not be happier! I am working on a few more…same recipes but different cover, to give to a few of my family members and will order again in the next week or so. Thank you again for all the support!
— Gail Melton, Mams Favorite Recipes

My book has been sent in for printing.  I just wanted to thank you for all the extra help you gave me and for answering all my questions.  I am looking forward to seeing the finished product and sharing with my family!
–Millie Markun, Markun Family Cookbook

Thank you for your website that made it easy to compile the cookbook. They are going fast!  I may need to order more. Also, thank you for your prompt delivery.
— Cecilia Miller, Nanny Cooks from the Ozarks project

The personal notes for each recipe was a big plus for me to share where I got the recipe from and some personal history. Thanks for letting me do this.
–Kathy Goding, The Goding Family Cookbook 2022

I used your website to construct a family cookbook for my son who is getting married. Now my 5 sisters and sister-in-laws want a copy of the cookbook for themselves and their daughters/granddaughters! I had so much fun with this project and the finished book was awesome. Just wanted to thank you so much for having such a user-friendly site that I could use.
— Cheryl Wallace, Burlend Family Cookbook

What a truly wonderful experience.  I have always wanted to do my own cookbook and Family Cookbook Project made it not only possible, but easy!! I am proud of the way the cover turned out. That is actually my mom’s recipe box and cards, many of them are well over 50 years old!  Preserved now for our entire family’s use, thanks to Family Cookbook Project.
–Donna Ferrante, Mom’s Big Book of Recipes

Cecilia Miller, Nanny Cooks from the Ozarks project

Love the cookbook. It exceeded my expectations. Very fast delivery. I recommend this company to all my friends.
— Helen Schendel, The Wilhelm Family Cookbook

Wow!  This is SO perfect!  I am now a lifetime member and will be able to preserve recipes for both sides of my family and pass them down to my children as well.
— Tamera Williams-Long, The Williams Family Cookbook Project

I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am with my cookbook! When I decided to try and put together some recipes for my family., was sure it was an impossible task. I also believed the old adage that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Thanks to you and this wonderful  program, it was completed with ease.
— Merilyn S Johnson, The Johnson Family Cookbook Happy Memories

Ellen Bramson and her cookbook “In The Kitchen With Ruth”

I have really enjoyed locating and entering our recipes into your program. It has been a wonderful initiation of conversation and memory sharing with family members that we’ve not had much contact with recently.
— Ina Woodruff, Woodruff Family Tree Cookbook

My son is getting married and we thought it will be a great idea to give him the family recipes but most of the recipes are in Spanish because I was born in Uruguay and my parents are from Spain.
That’s when I found you! I can’t be happier with the results. My son and his wife love it. Thank you for the work you did in helping me with this project .
–Maria Minor, The Monir Family Cookbook

Thank you so much for my cookbooks! They were perfect!  I ordered 150 cookbooks and I am very pleased.
It was so easy to work with your program online. Local printers couldn’t compete with your price! Thanks again!
–Tonya Dee Miller, Dee’s Delights Cookbook

Tonya Dee Miller and her Dee’s Delights Cookbook

Thank you for all your assistance throughout my cookbook journey. I could not have completed it without this program.  I received the cookbooks  last week. They look amazing! I’ve received so many compliments from friends and family. They’re requesting extra copies.
— Richele A, La Cucina Della Nonna

The cookbooks arrived and I couldn’t be happier!   Very well done!    Thank you both very much for your help.   I am spreading the word, and I do believe several people may be using your program to make their own cookbook.  😊
–Paula W, Graham Wedding Cookbook

My Family Cookbook is a work in progress. I still find recipes that my family enjoys, so I add them to the Cookbook. I cook for a dozen eaters, so recipes are mostly for those qualities so that I don’t have to double or triple a recipe.
–Tina Huemmer, Huemmer Family Cookbook

I wanted to find a way to make a cookbook for future generations of our family. I started entering them into a folder on my laptop. What a frustrating process. My daughter found Family Cookbook Project, gave it to me for a Mother’s Day Present. After that it was so easy & took no time to get the project done. I sent a message out to family members then entered everyone’s email address in and we had a cookbook in just a few months. What a terrific idea. My families are so happy to have all their recipes in one book. I love this so much I am thinking of doing another cookbook.
–Joanette Stillman, Family Cookbook 2020

Karen Huffman with The Huffman Family Cookbook Project

I was so frustrated having to sort through a box of recipes to find the one I needed. After researching different software and reading the reviews – I feel this was the right choice for me. It was difficult to operate once I started using it. Afterwards it was so easy. I look forward to the tips provided and new features offered. By preparing this cookbook for my family – until their ready to enjoy cooking for their own families. I have left a legacy for them to enjoy in the future. I no longer have to sort through paper recipes, and have a box of shame. Now it’s all electronic and with a push of a few buttons – it’s on my computer screen. Thank you.
–Cindy, Sharing Our Favorite Recipes – Cindy & Vince – From Our Kitchen to yours!

My greatest moment was while doing research I found out my great Aunt was a cook nun for the Notre Dame order of nuns. When she retired to the convent in Waterdown Ontario she became their baker. I had the privilege of visiting the convent and took pictures of her personal cookbook.
–Yvonne, Cronin Family Cookbook

When my daughter got engaged I wanted to have a collection of family recipes to give as a gift to her. It took me several months to gather and enter several hundred recipes, but I got it done, had it printed and presented it to her at her bridal shower. She teared up she was so moved.
–Jeannie , The Wally Family Cooks

I like being able to add recipes when it’s convenient and add a photo. Along with typing the preparation in my desired layout. Years ago I produced a 4 generation family cookbook. I had to pay for them to type in. This is a much better format. We have just started the project and look forward to seeing our family recipes all together and preserved for our young children. Also, we love that if we’re grocery shopping we can look up a recipe and make sure we have not forgot any ingredients. Don’t hesitate to start your cookbook your family will be grateful for all the recipes and memories you preserved.
–Marty, Happy Cooking Memories! 

A wonderful walk down memory lane for both my wife and me. As we wrote the recipes and their connection to us , we agreed it was an awesome project to take on and share these wonderful memories with our children and grandchildren !

Megan Young and two of her family cookbooks,

I created “Angie’s Family Cookbook” for my kids and nephews as they head off to college and to living on their own so that they could have all the family recipes they need. I have collected recipes from 5 generations of our family that the kids know and love. It is our family history, and I loved sharing it with them.
— Angela, Angie’s Family Cookbook

This was a great experience for my family. I had everyone contribute and I tried out every recipe before it made it in the final version.
— Alison, Davis Family Cookbook 

My daughter-in-law begged me for years to give her all my old Italian and Portuguese recipes that were handed down from my relatives. I finally decided to do it, so I researched a dozen sites that offered cookbook programs. I actually started a book on two of them…but finally gave up. They were difficult to maneuver, impossible to edit, and low on the totem pole with customer service. Thank goodness I finally found The Great Family Cookbook Project! It is well organized, has lots of options, customer service is great if you ever need it (not likely) … and SO easy to use that when I gave the first version to my daughter-in-law last Christmas, I actually had to LIE to tell her how hard I worked to put it together!

This is just a hand full of the wonderful comments that our editors have provided to us. We will be adding additional comments down the road.


Bill Rice is Co-Publisher of the Great Family Cookbook Project, a website that helps families and individuals collect, preserve and share food memories by creating their own printed personal cookbooks. He is the author of The Wellfleet Oyster Cookbook (Available on Amazon) and the Cape Cod Cocktail Cookbook, both created using FamilyCookbookProject.com. He is also editor of the Donovan Family Cookbook, now it’s third printing.

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