Invite Your Friends To Start Their Own Family Cookbooks

Invite Your Friends To Start Their Own Family Cookbooks

Since 2004, Family Cookbook Project has been helping people just like you create customized cookbooks and preserve your family recipes for future generations.

We get many of our new cookbook editors from referrals from current cookbook editors and this is where you come in.

Help us continue to spread the word about Family Cookbook Project by telling friends and family who might want to start their own cookbooks about us and. Have them go to and try a free personal version of the software. If they like it, they can upgrade to the full version.

By continuing to grow, we can continue to offer an improved experience to all of our customers, including new cover options, easier navigation, and new design layouts.

It is our hope that you love our software so much, that you will help us spread the word.



Bill Rice is Co-Publisher of the Great Family Cookbook Project, a website that helps families and individuals collect, preserve and share food memories by creating their own printed personal cookbooks. He is the author of The Wellfleet Oyster Cookbook (Available on Amazon) and the Cape Cod Cocktail Cookbook, both created using He is also editor of the Donovan Family Cookbook, now it’s third printing.

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