Editor Account verses Contributor Account

Editor Account verses Contributor Account

If you invite contributors to submit recipes, you can see their accounts on the Communion Center. You can edit their information by clicking on their name, see when they last logged in, how many recipes they have added and even log in to their account.

A contributor sees the “Full homepage” when they log in. They see a welcome message and photo, a table of contents of recipes, a list of contributors, and a list of newest recipes.

Contributors do not see any of the design, communication or publishing tools because only the editor can do those functions.  All a contributor can do is submit recipes and edit those recipes they have submitted.

As the editor of the cookbook, only  you can:

  • Invite any contributors
  • Communication with contributions as a group or individually
  • Control all design aspects of the cookbook including cover, dividers, and recipe layouts
  • Write the introduction and any custom pages
  • Edit all of the recipes, not just your own
  • Order printed copies of your cookbook

One thing you can do as editor to make your contributor’s accounts more welcoming is to upload a fun family photo and a welcome message for the page. In the Account Center, you will find a link to Add/Edit Website Intro and Photo.

Sometimes editors would like a contributor to have access to all of the editor tools and serve as a second editor. However, we have designed Family Cookbook Project to have a single editor. As editor you can give your username and password to a trusted contributor and allow them access to your account, if you wish.

The easiest way to see exactly what your contributors see when they log in is to log into there account from the list of contributors. This way you can make sure everything is exactly how you want it.


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