Signature Sauces Recipe Contest

Do you have a pasta sauce, soup, salsa or barbecue sauce recipe you love? Maybe one that’s been passed down in your family or is a new creation of your own? They’ll test your recipes and you just might win $1000 for your culinary creation!

Signature Sauces is searching for the Best Pasta Sauces, Barbecue Sauces, Soups, and Salsas Across the U.S. The company was born out of passion for food, the fine art of preparing consistent authentic family recipes for the restaurant and food service industry.


  • 50 percent based on taste
  • 25 percent for the contestant’s tribute to their recipe creation or the story and tradition of the recipe
  • 25 percent on the ease of recipe/adherence to the guidelines

You need to  include Detailed, step-by-step preparation instructions, list each ingredient in exact common U.S. household measurements and order of use in making the Recipe, Indicate cooking times and number of servings. The ingredients list must be 15 ingredients or less and ingredients must be easy to find in grocery stores or online and not cost prohibitive.

You will include a short story/paragraph or detail of the recipe, and mention if it came from a family recipe or why it fits within a certain region of the United States and a photo of you, and if you have one, a photo of the recipe’s creator or namesake.

You can submit as many recipes as you’d like.

Each winner (10) will receive $1000 in the following categories:

  • Four Pasta Sauce Winners
  • Two Soup Winners
  • Two Barbecue Sauce Winners
  • Two Salsa Winners

Deadline to enter this recipe contest is August 15th 2019.

Visit the Contest Page for complete details and to enter.


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