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Family Cookbook Project makes it easy for you to access your personalized cookbook or custom family cookbook on an iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Nook or any other eReader. You can have a digital recipe book for your very own.

This is available to everyone who wants to create a family cookbook and opens an account on Creating cookbooks has never been easier using our online cookbook software.

Once you have entered your recipes, selected a cookbook cover (or created your own using a cookbook cover template), added photos of the food or family members you will be ready to publish your cookbook.

Kindle Cookbook

kindledx1Kindle Cookbook

To create an eCookbook, simply create a high Resolution PDF of your cookbook and save the file to your computer. This file is designed to adapt to the screen size of any eReader you may use. Many people use PDFs on their Kindle or Nook eReaders.

If you want to convert your PDF to the widely accepted ePub format used by most readers, you can simply go to a website like and upload your cookbook PDF. In seconds, they will convert the cookbook to ePub format at no additional cost.


screen480x4801Family Cookbook Mobile App

Another way to access your family recipes on your mobile device is with the Family Cookbook Recipe App.

The Family Cookbook Project online recipe box makes it easy for Family Cookbook Project users to browse and use their recipes in their mobile device. Tools include our blog at your fingertips, latest recipes from our recipe database, notes for in the kitchen, articles on how to create a recipe,  and cookbook making, a tip calculator and more! Users can enter their recipes at and have access anywhere!

The Family Cookbook Recipes was named the Best Publishing Mobile App in the Web Marketing Association’s 2017 MobileWebAward Competition.  

Designed for use on the Apple iPhone or iPad, the free app can be downloaded at the iTunes App Store.

Designed for use on the Android mobile devices, the free app can be downloaded at the Google Play Store.

Bill Rice is Co-Publisher of the Great Family Cookbook Project, a website that helps families and individuals collect and share food memories. Follow us on Facebook and Pinterest!

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