What They Are Saying About FamilyCookbookProject.com

“I have never been more satisfied with a product or a service in my life. This Cookbook Project program was a true miracle. For years I had been collecting recipes on my computer from the last 6 generations of my family’s history. I was amazed at how I could just add a recipe and the program would, place it, index it, and adjust page numbers for it. All I had to do was plug in my recipes. I did this for my family for a heritage treasure. I could not be more pleased with their reaction. They were amazed. Thank you so much for this program, product, instruction, and help when I had a problem. You guys treated me so good that I tell everyone about your program. Thank you so much!!!”
–Mark King, The King Family’s Very, Very Secret Recipes

“We all love our cookbooks. One of my granddaughters (8 years old) literally wrapped her arms around it and wouldn’t turn loose. She just kept saying how much she loved it!”
–Mickey George, Mother always said: “This is a one-rump kitchen.”

“I received my cook books. I just love them. Thank you so much for the software and the printing. I can’t wait to start on the next one.”
–Diana Murphy, Family Collection of Recipes

“I have never written a testimonial for a computer program so this will be my first! I can’t say enough how wonderful this program is, and how easy it is to use. I started with what I thought was going to be a “small” project. Once I got started, I found it so easy to use, that I expanded the project to include my whole family, including four generations and over 700 recipes. The book is truly wonderful and I appreciate the ease of the program, and the wonderful support from you when I needed to have a question answered. Thanks to this program, our generations of favorite family recipes are in print forever. I will recommend it to everyone. Thanks again for your wonderful program.”
–Rosella Alfermann, FROM GRANDMA TO MOM TO ME


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