Wanted: Grandparents who cook


Cooking Channel’s hit show needs Grandmas and Grandpas for Season 3!! You (or someone you know) could be featured on the series The New Yorker calls “charming” and Parade Magazine calls “maybe the best (cooking show) on TV”.

They are looking for…
Grandmothers and Grandfathers
All ethnicities anywhere in America
50 to 100 years old
Big personalities who can cook delicious dishes
Real characters: warm, fun, outgoing, eccentric, lovable, sweet, fiery, or even curmudgeonly
Great families
Accents and English as a second language not a problem


If you know someone who might be who they are looking for, go to the website http://www.grandparentswhocook.com/ and complete the simple application. It does not cost anything to try and you might get your grandmother on a TV show!

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