Family Cookbook Project’s 20th Anniversary Membership Giveaway

Family Cookbook Project’s 20th Anniversary Membership Giveaway

In celebration of Family Cookbook Project’s 20th anniversary, we will be giving away at least 20 Lifetime Memberships to followers of our social media accounts.

To enter, please follow the rules of that specific post. Generally, it will include commenting on or posting a photo in connection with that specific giveaway. Each giveaway will also include the opportunity to upgrade the prize to include free printed copies of your finished personal cookbook or Lifetime Memberships for friends or family members that you have tagged in your response post.

Giveaway opportunities will be posted on Tuesdays with a entry deadline of the following Monday at noon EST. Winners will be announced on Monday afternoons online and on this blog post.

To participate, follow Family Cookbook Project on social media:

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X (formerly Twitter)

Facebook BBQ Recipes Group

Facebook Cool Cookie Recipes Group

Here are the complete rules of 20 anniversary membership giveaways on social media.

  • Winners will be selected at random from those who enter unless otherwise noted in the post. Decisions of the judges are final.
  • Winners will receive a message from containing a link and voucher code for the stated prize. Winner’s names will be posted on our social media once selected.
  • No purchase necessary: you do not need to make a purchase to enter, and purchases don’t increase your chances of winning.
  • Any image submitted as an entry for the giveaway remains the property of its copyright owner. Family Cookbook Project receives right to use those photos for its marketing efforts.
  • This promotion is not endorsed, sponsored, or administered by Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or X (formerly Twitter) and that none of these social media networks are associated with it.
  • Taxes, if any, are the responsibility of the winner.

For prizes that include printed copies of a cookbook, winners will receive a print credit for 1, 3, 5 or 10 printed copies of a custom cookbook! This covers up to 50 recipes averaging two per page (about 40 pages total !!) with dividers and 10 color photos. Winners can print as many personalized cookbooks as that want and will receive a credit for $41 (1 book), $123 (3 books) $186 (5 books) or $236 (10 books). To be applied toward the total Printing Calculator price to add more. The credit must be used on one order for at least the number of cookbooks stated in the credit.


Winners List

Here are the winners of the Family Cookbook Project 20th anniversary Lifetime Membership Giveaway.

July 15 Winner: