Cooking Up Support For A Good Cause

Cooking Up Support For A Good Cause

Fundraising is an important part of supporting the activities that make our communities vibrant. It might be to support a schools PTO/PTA program, and outreach program at your church, and eagle scout project, or to get new uniforms or equipment for a sports team, many groups need a little help to raise funds to reach a important goal.

The problem is that doing the same fundraisers every year is draining on both the participants and the community supporting the project.

That is why we created, and innovative and profitable way to raise funds for your organization.

Creating a fundraising cookbook allows the entire community to help support your project by both contributing recipes and purchasing the final product. You can even get local businesses to purchase advertising and cover the entire cost of your printing.

Creating a fundraising cookbook is as simple as inviting your group to submit recipes, selecting a cover and design from our professionally designed covers or uploading your own, asking local businesses to contribute advertising, And distributing your finished product.

To learn more about how to create a successful cookbook fundraiser, download our free cookbook fundraiser guide and create a free account on to get started.


Bill Rice is Founder and Co-Publisher of the Great Family Cookbook Project, a website that helps families and individuals collect, preserve and share food memories by creating their own printed personal cookbooks. He is the author of The Wellfleet Oyster Cookbook (Available on Amazon) and the Cape Cod Cocktail Cookbook, both created using He is also editor of the Donovan Family Cookbook, now it’s third printing and is an avid genealogist tracing his family back to the 1600’s.

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