A New Take On Recipe Categories

A New Take On Recipe Categories

Recipe categories help us organize our recipes in an easy to browse format within your family cookbook.

By default, we offer eight standard recipe categories that are perfect for the majority of cookbook editors.

List default recipe categories

We also give you the ability to create your own categories and add them to the existing categories or to create subcategories which helps to refine the Recipes even further.

But do you have to organize by food type? Absolutely not!

We have seen our editors organize their recipes by many different formats other than food types.

People – One popular way is to organize by person. When recipes are tribute to great past cooks in the family, you can have each category named for a specific person or even family. You then can use subcategories to further organize the recipes.

Meal – Another way people organize recipes is by meal. When organizing buy breakfast, lunch, dinner you often will get editors who use multi part recipes to list the entrées and the side dishes that go with it.

Holidays – Another popular way is to have categories for each holiday. We all have certain recipes that tend to come out only at specific holidays. By putting together a cookbook that lists all of the Thanksgiving, Christmas, family reunion, Valentine’s Day and other holiday recipes in one place, you know exactly where to go to prepare for that holiday.

Season – another way to organize your recipe is by seasons. Some recipes are too heavy to be eaten during the summer and others have fresh ingredients that are not available in the winter.

No matter how you organize your cookbook, family cookbook project makes it easy. We also offer the ability to create multiple cookbooks and transfer existing recipes into new cookbooks to help you make your cookbook publishing experience outstanding.



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