Our Food Genealogy

Our Food Genealogy


Family is very important to me. I have been actively working on my family tree and connecting with lost relatives for almost 3 decades. Genealogy is a fascinating past time and has and has only gotten easier using the power of the Internet to track down historic records without even leaving your home.

However, genealogy is more than just finding peoples names and the dates they were born and died. It’s about learning a little about their lives, what they did for a living and helping their memories come alive.

The power of the Internet has also made it easy to save your cherished recipes for future generations. The food we grew up with is always very special to us and if no one remembers how to make something, the recipe dies.

My mother had her mother’s old recipe box and in it was a recipe for shortbread that was from my Great-Grandmother May Ann McDougall Peatie who was born in Scotland in 1883. This recipe was lost to our family for many years but is now part of my family cookbook so everyone can enjoy these traditional Scottish shortbread cookies.

Family Cookbook Project was created specifically to help preserve these family treasures. It helps families collaborate together and gather recipes from many sources and put them in a single printed cookbook.

Preserving recipes and memories for future generations – that’s our mission.

Creating a family cookbook is easy with Family Cookbook Project. If you have not done so already, get started today with your own personalized cookbook at www.FamilyCookbookProject.com.


Bill Rice is founder and Co-Publisher of the Great Family Cookbook Project, a website that helps families and individuals collect and share food memories through customized printed cookbooks filled with treasured recipes. Follow us on Facebook and Pinterest!