Best Cookbook Stands for Family Cookbooks

We love creating family cookbooks not only because it is an rewarding project and preserves our family recipes for future generations, but because we use it in the kitchen! Having all of your favorite recipes in one place is wonderful, but a cookbook stand can make meal time even easier in the kitchen.

Family Cookbook Project has researched online for what are the best cookbook stands for family cookbooks and here are our top cookbook stand recommendations  and a link to find them on

Creative Co-Op DE2617 Metal Cookbook Holder

Price: $31.50
Size: 13 x 3.2 x 13.4 inches
Amazon Rating: 4.5 stars
Description: This green cookbook Holder is 13.5″ x 13″. It has two metal balls on chains to hold down the pages. It has a weathered vintage look and the easel folds in and out.
What we liked: Holds large cookbooks and family cookbooks alike. The ball and chain is heavier than we expected, effectively holding down pages. Looks nice in the kitchen even when not being used.

BestBookStand Nice Production INP-101-O Book Stand

Price: $15.99
Size: 11.50 inches X 8.27 inches
Amazon Rating: 4.7 stars
Description: This cookbook stand is made from strong but lightweight material. It is easy to clean and has rounded corners.
What we liked: Can easily hold extremely large cookbooks as well as family cookbooks. Comes with different tilting options for various viewing angles. Can come in different sizes. The page holders can swivel in any direction for easy reading. Most affordable option we liked.

Deluxe Large Cookbook Holder – Acrylic Shield With Cherry Wood Base

Price: $60.95
Size:19 x 13 x 3 inches
Amazon Rating: 4.7 stars
Description: The cherry wood base is sturdy enough to handle any size book and adjusts to a comfortable reading angle. The clear acrylic shield stands in front of your cookbook to protect it from cooking splatter. A stylish black metal hinge allows the entire holder to fold flat for storage and also permits the shield to be pulled forward for easy page turning. The extra large size is perfect for larger books. Cherry base with acrylic shield – Adjusts to any book – Folds flat for storage. Made in America by Clear Solutions Household.
What we liked: This is the Cadillac of cookbook stands. Acrylic shield easy to clean and protects the family cookbook. It’s expandable to fit larger 3 ring binder cookbooks and you can change the angle of the book to avoid glare from the overhead lights. it also collapses for easy storage.

Hala Flip Cookbook Holder Bamboo Large with Acrylic Shield

Price: $38.89
Size: 10 x 13.5 x 1.5 inches
Amazon Rating: 4 stars
Description:  The adjustable 3-position splatter screen holds cookbooks at the easy-to-read angle that you prefer. The shield pulls forward for easy, one hand page turning. The Flip folds up for easy storage – the slim design allows it to be stored with cookbooks on bookshelves or upright in cabinets, saving precious kitchen space. Professionally and sustainably designed by M26 Studio in Chicago!
What we liked: Nice modern look and feel. Can be used for family cookbooks and tablets. An affordable option for a cookbook holder with a plexiglass cover to protect the pages.

OXO Good Grips Pop-Up Cookbook Holder

Price: $69.95
Size: 1.75 x 9 x 12.62 in
Amazon Rating: 4.6 stars
Description: The Cookbook Holder auto-opens for easy loading and can accommodate very thick and tall books without tipping over. The clear splatter screen holds cookbooks securely in place and upright at an easy-to-read angle without distorting words or images. The screen easily pulls down, allowing you to turn the page with one hand. When you’re finished, simply fold up the Cookbook Holder for easy storage – the slim design makes it perfect for storing with cookbooks on bookshelves or flat in cabinets or drawers.
What we liked: Sleek modern design of white / acrylic fits in well with many kitchen appliances. Splatter guard keeps pages and screens clean without distorting words or images.  Holder auto-opens for easy placement of family cookbooks or tablets.


How we did our research: Family Cookbook Project reviewed hundreds of cookbook stands available on the Internet and in retail stores. We reviewed product descriptions, customer reviews, custom question and third party reviews. We purchased those cookbook stands rising to the top and made our final determination on what would be included in this article. Family Cookbook Project is an Amazon affiliate program and does receive a small fee for any products purchased from our site. 


Bill Rice is founder and Co-Publisher of the Great Family Cookbook Project, a website that helps families and individuals collect and share food memories through customized printed cookbooks filled with treasured recipes. Follow us on Facebook and Pinterest!

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