Sell Your Cookbooks For Profit!

We often get people who are creating their personal cookbooks as a fundraiser or who would like to be able to sell extra copies to make money. Family Cookbook Project can now make this task much easier for you.

In January, we will be introducing a new Cookbook Marketing Kit that will give you everything you need to sell your cookbook in bookstores like, Barnes & Noble, Borders Books and many more. It includes:

* An ISBN number and barcode
* Listing your cookbook in BooksInPrint database
* Making your cookbook available for sale on
* Writing a press release to promote your cookbook to the media.

We are also working on a new Cookbook Showcase to highlight your cookbook online and gives visitors the opportunity to order cookbooks directly from you.

While this will not be available on until January, we are offering it to editors who are printing their cookbooks for the holidays. Send an email to for more information.

We are also working a number of other improvements for, including expanded audio help to explain how to use each of the editor’s tools. These will be introduced in the coming months to make Family Cookbook Project the easiest way to create a personal cookbook on the Internet.