Fundraising for Small Groups Newsletter Recommends

Deane Brengle writes in Fundraising for Small Groups Newsletter the benefits of creating a cookbook as a fundraiser.

He says: Cookbooks have been popular fundraisers for years. They started out with church and women’s groups and have now spread like wildfire. It’s because they can be produced by almost any size group, club, team, or nonprofit organization. Much of the increased popularity can be attributed to the use of the internet by cookbook publishing companies and the ease of producing a cookbook online.

Despite the spread of cookbook fundraisers, they remain a good source of fundraising income.

* A custom cookbook is unique to your group.
* They aren’t overly difficult to produce.
* With the right marketing they sell well.
* They have a long shelf life and can be sold year round.
* They are a popular gift item around the holidays.

He also writes: I’ve spent some time and researched all the publishers offering cookbook fundraising programs and I’m recommending for all your group’s cookbook fundraising needs.

They offer an easy to use online format for entering all your recipes and step by step instructions for creating your cookbook. They even offer a free sample cookbook so you can see what a finish product will look like and an online calculator to help you figure your cookbooks cost.