Perfect Spelling in Your Recipes

Two months ago, the Family Cookbook Project sent out a survey asking for feedback on the cookbook site. We asked for what our editors liked — and disliked. We asked what else we could add to make it even easier to create a beautiful family cookbook; an heirloom of family kitchen history. We got some great feedback!

We asked “What was the most enjoyable part about creating a family cookbook?” Here’s a few answers:

-Interacting with relatives — those close to me as well as those who are distantly related. (This cookbook is for a large family reunion…)
-The ease of adding the recipes online.
-Knowing that I was preserving recipes of family and friends for future generations and using the cookbook computer program made it possible!
-Reading the other recipes that were contributed to the book.
-The finished product will make everyone so happy!

Wonderful! Then we asked “What was the hardest thing about creating a family cookbook?”

-Editing recipes. Easy to miss mistakes.
-Getting everyone to contribute!

Well. We noticed two very common “hard” parts about being an editor. You have to get your family and friends motivated to help out (like any event!) and taking time to go through the book and double check it all.

So… We have added a Spell Checker built right into the site. Each recipe title, ingredients, directions and comments can be spell checked at the click of a button. Yay! You can even have it “learn” your personal spellings and abbreviations. Try it — and thanks for the feedback!